Grožio mylėtojoms: sukurtas makiažas kiekvienam Zodiako ženklui (FOTO)

Talentinga makiažo meistrė Setareh Hosseini pavargo nuo Helovino šventės makiažo idėjų ir sumanė kai ką originalesnio. Pasinaudodama makiažo galia ji patapo... kiekvienu Zodiako ženklu!

Visi Zodiako ženklai - saviti ir nepakartojami, todėl mergina skyrė daugybę laiko, kad įsisavintų kiekvieno Zodiako ženklo bruožus ir perteiktų juos makiažu. Įspūdingos šukuosenos, dekoracijos ir spalvos - kiekviena detalė apgalvota. Sunkoka būtų išrinkti dailiausiai atrodantį makiažą!

Vizažistė teigė, jog niekur idėjų ieškoti neteko - kadangi makiažo meistrė pati domisi astrologija ir kasdien skaito horoskopus, perteikti visus Zodiako ženklus jai nebuvo sudėtinga užduotis. O rezultatas tiesiog nepakartojamas...

Jei ir tu esi astrolologijos bei makiažo mylėtoja, tuoj pat patikrink, kokį makiažą tavo Zodiako ženklui pritaikė profesionali vizažistė:


Fiery and fiercely passionate, she wears a steel armor and her horns always aim ready for battle. Forever taking charge and continuously looking for dynamic and competition. Driven by avidity and born a fearless leader, she bares a pure and almost childlike soul; untainted & unafraid. ♈️ #ARIES

A photo posted by @starhosseini♒️✨ (@starlit_makeup) on Sep 8, 2016 at 12:01pm PDT


Uncompromisingly stubborn with a strong willed character, great perseverance and determination. She has a hot and fiery temper, and will unleash it when pushed to her limits. Even so, she loves anything that excites her senses. Controlled by inner serenity and a powerful sense of stability, she is & always will be a force to be reckoned with. ♉️ #TAURUS

A photo posted by @starhosseini♒️✨ (@starlit_makeup) on Sep 13, 2016 at 10:07am PDT



She is the tide, the gentle glow of the moon, the waves crashing on the shore. She feels everything deeply, even though she doesn't like to show it. Her shell may be hard and at times unbreakable but it is forever guarding her tender soul. Surely it is harder to break something soft rather than rigid. You touch her and she is far more real than anything you have ever felt before. Cosmic particles of moon dust line her veins. For she is like the moon, you'll see her with a new face everyday. ♋️ #CANCER

A photo posted by @starhosseini♒️✨ (@starlit_makeup) on Oct 5, 2016 at 2:08pm PDT



She personifies innocence, purity and justice. Her earthly nature makes her exceedingly clever and analytical. All that is beautiful to her erupts in subtle, though magnificent spectacle. She's a maiden & belongs to the pristine; always striving to bring order out of chaos. ♍️ #VIRGO #zodiac #makeup #mua

A photo posted by @starhosseini♒️✨ (@starlit_makeup) on Aug 17, 2016 at 1:20pm PDT




She's a restless wanderer; always hunting for new ideas and experiences. Her arrow symbolizes her desire for direction and a higher purpose. She's the maven of adventure, the learned healer whose higher intelligence forms a bridge between heaven and earth. ♐️ #SAGITTARIUS

A photo posted by @starhosseini♒️✨ (@starlit_makeup) on Aug 21, 2016 at 3:28pm PDT



She's a mad scientist in her lab, inventing and creating night and day. Her rapid influx of thoughts and subsequent surprising actions make her unpredictable and rebellious. Anarchy is her specialty. Forever fighting valiantly for the soul of the world, she pours forth her wisdom and equilibrates your mind. She is dazzling and terrifying; those words are not as removed from one another as you may think. Always seeing a thin line between genius and insanity. She lives in the future and who she is comes in waves. ♒️ #AQUARIUS

A photo posted by @starhosseini♒️✨ (@starlit_makeup) on Aug 15, 2016 at 1:40pm PDT


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