Dailiausias pasaulio veterinaras: tirpdo širdis ne tik gyvūnėlių mylėtojoms (FOTO)

Merginos ir gyvūnėliai - nepamainomas duetas. Dažniausiai būtent merginos vaikinams išūžia galvas, jog namuose būtų šaunu laikyti kokį nors naminį gyvūną. Amerikiečiui veterinarui Evanui Antinui tokių merginų kalbų klausytis nereikėtų - juk jį supa tikras zoologijos sodas!

Namuose dvi kates, šunį bei triušį auginantis gražuolis veterinaras darbe rankose laiko kur kas egzotiškesnius gyvūnus. Jam tenka gydyti ir į bėdą patekusias iguanas, ir beždžiones, ir net smauglius! Nuo pat akstyvos vaikystės gyvūnijos pasauliu besidomėjęs vaikinas aiškiai žinojo, jog kadaise taps garsiu veterinaru, pas kurį tiesiog plūs gyvūnus išgydyti trokštantys žmonės.

Regis, Evanas iki šiol neapleidžia ir dar vienos savo aistros - sporto, kuriam skiria nemažai dėmesio ir laiko. Būtent todėl jis be abejonės yra karščiausias veterinaras planetoje, kurį daugelis sumaišo su profesionaliu sportininku.

Evanas pripažįsta, jog veterinaro darbas nėra iš lengvųjų. Neretai vaikinas neturi kada pailsėti, o apie atostogas tegali tik pasvajoti - juk yra tiek daug norinčiųjų savo gyvūnėlius gydyti būtent pas šį veterinarą (nenustebsime, jei didžioji dauguma - merginos...)!

Ar Evanas šiuo metu turi širdies draugę, jo Instagramo paskyra apie tai nutyli. Viena aišku, jog tikrosios ir stipriausios savo meilės gyvūnams jis neišsižadės niekuomet! Ar tai ne dailiausias veterinaras žemėje?

The Philippines makes me go loco for Goana! This is a black throat monitor native to Africa, not Asia btw but how amazing is it we got his tongue in this shot!? Monitors are one of the few lizard species with a forked tongue, like snakes. These reptiles use this to taste the air (=chemoreception) and there's a lot of tongue flickering when food is near...And forked to gain a sense of direction...stereochemoreception? If one of the "prongs" senses a stronger stimulus the lizard or snake will go in that direction. Big monitors like this are a handful so I'm all black ninja style scrubs 😜 @wearfigs #goana #exotics #reptile #monitor #wildvet #donttrytongueflickeringtotastetheair #peoplemaylookatyoufunnyandnotletyouneartheirchildren @priscilla_jocelynh

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We have an amazing #daycare & boarding facility here at @conejovet and it totally makes my day to see all the dogs play together harmoniously. Dogs are kind of like young children and love to socialize and play too. You should see how enthusiastic these kiddos get when they come to day care! It's hilarious and adorable. And it's also hilarious but heartbreaking when some dogs realize they're coming in to see me for a vet visit and not going to daycare right next door, lol. Side note for those of you training to be a vet or vet tech: Prepare yourself for working with animal patients that want nothing to do with you and have no idea you're actually trying to help them. #dog #doggydaycare #bestfriends #vet #smallanimal #howadorableisthegoldenthatfeelsleftout

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You know that feeling when you leave the country for a month and come home and your animals are even more needy and cuddly than before? #welcometomylife Btw, this happens every time I leave town and come back. #cat #dog #dependent #icantgetanythingdone #willykneadedabout200muffinsinmychest #willyturnspeopleintocatpeople #dogcat

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I told you I could pull off a stache! #mustache #wildwest #hipster #molesterstache #millistache #bugstache

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They call me the Mexican Beaded Lizard matchmaker 💘 Jk, these lil monsters have been living together and breeding for a long time and very comfortable around one another. That being said, I generally recommend precaution before co-habitating reptiles together, even the same species. Cage aggression can lead to high stress and fatal injuries. For many reptiles it's not an issue but recommended for experienced reptile hobbyists. And check out my @wearfigs - super comfy scrubs that look good too 😷🤘🏼🚶🏻😎 #exotics #reptile #vet #wildvet #wearfigs #veterinary #vetmed #vetlife #lizardsdontkissever #dontkissareptile #defdontkissabeadedlizard #reptileherpesisforeveryo #nottruebutsalmonellaisreal!

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Me and my best lil buddy, Henry! FYI, Henry is a rescue doggie and I couldn't be more thankful that he came into my life 8 years ago 🤗😍🐶 I highly encourage new pet owners to #adoptdontshop as there are millions of furbabies that need homes and will appreciate you taking them in for the rest of their lives. @RescueMenUSA makes huge contributions towards helping animals in shelters and for a small donation you will receive an awesome 2017 calendar (with me on the cover, lol 😬) Visit rescuemen.org and get your calendar today! FYI all of the proceeds go towards helping these future pets in need ☺️👍🏼💕 #adopt #shelter #dog #cat #furbaby #howadorableismylittlehenballs #eventhoughhisbreathsmelllslike$hit #maybebecauseheeatshisownpoopies #dontjudge

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#myday These lil dingleberries are soooooo happy when daddy has the day off ☺️🐶🐱😘 #furbaby #lazy #dog #cat #homebody #howcuteiswilly'shappykittyface #kitteh

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#letmeloveyou #caturday #nomore

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😘 #makingout with the sexiest pinniped in San Diego! I never expected a kiss on the first date!? Shout out to the @sandiegozoo for giving me the best day ever last week! FYI one of the many ways to distinguish sea lions and seals is that sea lions have small ear flaps (aka "pinna") and seals only have a small hole where their ear canal opens. Sea lions can also rotate their hind flippers making them more adapted for walking on land. And both animals are extremely intelligent marine mammals capable of learning complex tasks and recognition exercises. Btw kissing sea lions tastes reaaaaally fishy #pinniped #sealion #seal #sandiegozoo #discoveredbythegermans #sandiego #awhalesvagina #wildvet #donttrytokissawildsealion #probablydonttrytokissoneincaptivityeither #fishbreath #squidbreath #imstraightbutillkissthisfellaanytime😗

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#rockiguana Meet one of my new fav lizard species! Rock iguanas feel like handling jagged limestone, lol. Their palms are covered in extra rough, elongated scales for better traction in their environment. And how freakin adorable are those lil black mittens of his!?? 🤗😂 #reptile #iguana #lizard #herpvet #reptilevet #wildlife #exotics #mittensarehott #thermoregulationyouperv

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#puppies #littledogsrock #dogs #bestbuds #letmetellyousomethingaboutmybestfriend How cute are these pups!?? We have Henry, my dog (black and white) and Dusty, my mom's pooch. Dusty is the best lil doggie in the world and has an enormous personality packed into a tiny 7 lb package. He totally loves the camera and is always hammin' it up hahaha

A photo posted by Evan Antin 🐊🐣🐒🐱🐶🐢🐖🐍🐅🐿🐇 (@dr.evanantin) on Nov 5, 2015 at 12:21pm PST

Baby TIGAAAAAA! This unbelievably adorable bundle of joy is a handful! Unfortunately, her mom didn't take to her so she has no choice but to be hand raised by the keepers at @zoologico_jersey where she lives. This means bottle feeding every 2-3 hours and being by her side 24/7. I was very impressed with this zoo, Zoologico Parque Del Nino Jersey, btw! If you're ever in the Valle de Guadalupe area near Ensenada, Mexico def scope it out! Gorgeous wine country too btw ☺ #tiger #baby #babytigerbelly #bigcat #babytigersquealssoundlikepterodactyls #mademylife

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