Didžiausias lietuvaičių vasaros grožio baubas šioms merginoms visai nebaisus (FOTO)

Atėjus vasarai, poilsio prie jūros ir mirkimo ežeruose metui, daugelis merginų rytais ar dienomis skuba į sporto salę tam, jog padailintų kūno linijas, o vakarais leidžia sau atsikvėpti bei pademonstruoti atletišką figūrą, vilkėdamos bikinį.

Tiesa, nors ir kaip plūšėtų sporto salėje, daugiau nei trečdalis pasaulio moterų bei merginų negali atsikratyti grožio baubo - celiulito. Apelsino žievės efektą suteikiantis odos defektas daugeliui rodosi kone baisiausias vasaros košmaras, todėl nereta net baiminasi pasirodyti viešumoje vilkėdamos tik maudomosi kostiumėlį.

Tik ne šios Instagram damos! Vasarotojos ne tik nedangsto celiulito užuomazų skaromis ar plačiais sijonais, bet ir drąsiai jas demonstruoja bei nepamiršta nusifotografavusios prie nuotraukos pridėti celllulite žymos. Vienos iš jų kiek stambesnės, kitos - lieknos it šakaliukai, tad merginos trokšta parodyti pasauliui, jog nesvarbu, kokias kūno formas turėtų moteriškosios lyties atstovės, kiekviena iš jų gali susidurti su celiulitu. Atsikratyti celiulito dažniausiai nebūna lengva - nereta mergina vos pamačiusi šio odos defekto užmuozagas stengiasi jo išvengti, sportuoja bei tinkamai maitinasi, tačiau net to nepakanka, jog celiulitas nustotų vystytis.

Žinoma, kiek tokios Instagram tendencijos mylėtojų, tiek ir kritikų. Kiti štai teigia, jog neverta vasaros sezonu regimo celiulito viešinti visam pasauliui ir tokias nuotarukas vertėtų pasilikti asmeniniams archyvams. Visgi mums atrodo, jog merginos turi teisę mėgautis gražiu oru, šiluma bei gerėtis nauju maudymosi kostiumėliu - juk vasara tokia trumpa!

I heard #cellulitesaturday was a thing and even though it's a Sunday, there's no reason to not kick off the week with a little body positivity, ya know? One of my favorite lil' encouragements is the steps to having a beach body: take your body out to a beach... that's it. For those who still get spring breaks and are at the beach, get out there and have fun without worry of what you look like, big or small or square or polka-dotted or pale or anything. You are you and that's beautiful. Also, do it for me too bc I want to be at the beach so bad rn. Love y'allllllllll

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See this. This is cellulite and it's completely normal. Stop torturing yourself about it and stop shaming other people for having it. Size 0 or plus size WE ALL HAVE IT. Can we just acknowledge it's a regular everyday thing and stop treating cellulite like it's a plague sent from hell. Can't spell cellulite without "u lit". Yesssssss beautiful ladies😘 mines actually far more than this but this lighting and camera phone aren't really showing it. #cellulite #weallhaveit #normal #iamallwomen #loveyourself #chubbychick #womenwithcurves #honourcurves #iamsizesexy #thick #booty #effyourbeautystandards #effyourbodystandards #diversity #beautybeyondsize #honourcurves #goldenconfidence #womenwithink #inkedandcurvy #inked

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I've finally decided to properly to take a part in @omgkenzieee #selflovebootcamp . In the past months I just followed it but didn't really take a part in it. Watching so many people coming together and learning to love and accept themselves has given me more confidence to do that myself! So if you are participating in this challenge, nice to meet you. If you're not PLEASE check it out, it might just change your life like it did mine. Okay, so a little bit about me; I'm known as Kay Ska, but my real name is Karolina. I'm 22 years old. I live in the north west of UK, but I was born in Poland and moved here when I was 12 (I didn't really want to tho). I grew up in a domestic violent environment and got bullied a lot mainly for my looks and for where I'm from. This has caused me to have PTSD which I only got diagnosed with last year. But I've struggled with my mental health as long as I remember - panic attacks, anxiety, dissociation, self esteem issues, eating disorders, self harm, suicidal thoughts, depression, OCD, body dysmorphia, agoraphobia. Which is why I'm so passionate about ending the stigma around mental health. It's also why I started a blog where people can share their stories @mh_stories_ . Struggling with agoraphobia really made me refocus on where my life was heading and I'm still very much in recovery at this point. I'm also a freelance content writer and social media manager. I have a cat called Millie, she's 2 and I've had her for just over two months but I'm absolutely obsessed with her!!😻 I'm extremely passionate about living a holistic lifestyle, spirituality, philosophy. I loveeeee deep conversations, and dance, and photography and basically doing all the creative things!! I practice yoga and meditation daily (which has really benefited my mental health). I'm a vegan and I love animals and one day I'll have a farm.✌🏻 . I love meeting and connecting with new souls! . So let's get to know each other!! Comment something about yourself down below!😃💕

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#MercureeThePersonality👑👑👑💯🔥🔥🔥💡💡💡💥💥💥💫💫💫🌟🌟🌟🔛🔝🔐👑 saying: #QuoteOfTheDay: "Never be ashamed of who you USED to be. Be #Proud of who YOU are, but more so, be #Excited about who you are...GROWING to BECOME." -Let's just say I said this and call it a day night and weekend...😂😂😂 And since mentioning the weekend. This is MY weekend baby!!! All things have been made new over here and I am eternally grateful for #TheMostHighOne's GRACE and MERCY... I am so thankful to be of sound mind and body and only having to get my legs back in shape due to my two foot surgeries that were VERY #Successful!! I am in perfect health and this is an extreme blessing... Being #HighlyFavored is the bestest feeling in the world and I made a conscious choice to pay more attention to these things that money can't buy... I have always been fashioned properly since birth.. I made these mistakes that led me to issue and problems. I would be much closer to #Enlightenment had I not made a wrong turn for popularity, acceptance, and supposed success sake. I probably would have not one problem in the world had I stayed on my square... I did move a bit... now I'm back and about to touch some things you shallow people will start sweating me for. Yet I'm going to need yall individuals that don't really feel me to keep that same energy when I get what you like... because I will remain who you never liked. #YouHaveBeenWarned... Now pick me apart. Check out the flabby legs and the ugly, manly face on #Mercuree... SIKE!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂 I'm #Beautiful! 😘😘😘 #Fabulous40 #Cellulite and all!! Love on the #Flab it's #Sexy #Natural and #Flawed... And as always, it's still #AllAboutTheBreakRoomBaby and don't you forget it! #4thOfJuly #SummerTimeFine #Summer17 #BeachChronicles #FarRockaway #Queens #NYC 📸cred: @real592 #TheBreakRoom #Televsion #TalkShow I'm on my #ColinKaepernick flow: "I will continue to stand with the people being oppressed."

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I'm not editing out my cellulite and ass dimples ya'll can fuck off if you have an issue, i'm good with it. #thankyou #cellulite #isntthatserious #tbh #beachday #eventhoitwaskindacold

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Health comes in every size. in every shape. in every form. Striving for unrealistic standards that go against your genetic makeup will leave you sad, defeated, inadequate, ashamed and just plain hungry. Our goal should never be to strive for someone else's body or shape. Our goal should be to love ourselves wholly without conditions or standards. Our goal should be to move our bodies daily with gratitude for our physical abilities and first world privileges like $10 gym memberships with air conditioned, cardio movie theaters. Our goal should be to fill our carts with whole clean foods like seasonal fruits and veggies, beans, legumes, rice..... Our bodies will take shape and form and we must learn to be content, love, and embrace them with every changing season. I've learned to admire my vericose veins that run in my family, as well as the dimples and cellulite that cover my juicy ass. I cycle 3 days a week, I lift heavy 2 days a week, I climb stairs 2 days a week, I eat a plant based lifestyle, I drink a gallon of water a day, I take vitamins but I also enjoy sodelicious almondmilk ice cream, I like to eat avocado gorditas weekly, chips and guac are my jam and I don't count or measure food intake anymore EVER. I LIVE life daily by making conscious choices. Thinking about the cause and effect. how will my choices effect my environment. my health. my body. my children. my life. I don't always make the right choice but by thinking critically the best decisions start to come naturally. La Tigresa 🐯BodySuit in Coral. bigbottombehavior.com use code slay at checkout! #bigbottombehavior #bodypositivefitness #mybodymyrules #haes #riotsnotdiets #beautybeyondsize #bodyproud #yogapants #leggings #bodysuit #summer17 #squats #effyourbeautystandards #effyourbodystandards #cellulitesaturday #houston #sale #plussizefashion #planthoe #plantbased #plantpower #vegansofig

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My body bends* ~ I used to be disgusted by it. The way the body folds over itself. My body stretches* ~ The scars on my thighs used to shame me. I would hide them from everyone, including myself. My body jiggles* ~ I used to cry when I would look down as I was running and saw my stomach and thighs jiggle. ~ My body is just like EVERY BODY! It folds, and bends, and stretches, and wrinkles and it's AMAZING! ✨ We are taught our whole lives that these natural things about ourselves are unworthy of love. That we have to spend the big bucks to be beautiful. We're taught that beauty takes pain! But I say NO! 🔥 Beauty is YOU! Your body, your story, your smile! No longer will I punish myself for merely BEING MYSELF! Embrace the bumps, the folds, the acne, the scars, the cellulite, the wrinkles, EMBRACE IT ALL! Because it is unapologetically you, and you're beautiful 💙 (wearing all @aerie but also a full face of make up :p ) _______________________________________________________ #FromBones2Bold #bodypositivity #embracethesquish #rollsarentjustforcinnamon #bopo #selflove #positivebeatsperfect #aeriereal #effyourbeautystandards #nowrongway #edsupport #edsurvivor #eatingdisorderrecovery #edrecovery #edsoldiers #cellulitesaturday #neda

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I told myself the bumps and marks on my legs weren't ugly. I imagined I was a warrior who had fought a beast and won. It's claw marks left as battle scar to prove what I had overcome. ✨ Happy #cellulitesaturday everyone 💕 . . . . #selflove #cellulite #stretchmarks #bodyposi #bodypositive #bodyconfident #bodylove #bopo #nonairbrushedme #edrecovery

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