Su maudymosi kostiumėliu pasirodžiusi apvalutė kirto pašaipūnams iš peties (FOTO)

Stambesnių formų merginos negali viešinti savo nuotraukų socialiuose tinkluose? Būtent toks klausimas kilo, kai grožio bei stiliaus blogerė Cailey Darling (27 m.) paviešino savo nuotrauką su nauju maudymosi kostiumėliu.

Apvalių formų mergina iš karto sulaukė smerkiančių komentarų. Interneto komentatoriai ragino merginą tokias nuotraukas slėpti arba pasilikti savo asmeniniam archyvui, taip pat ragino merginą tuoj pat pradėti sportuoti ir susirūpinti savo sveikata.

Teigiamų komentarų buvo mažoka, todėl būtent tai Cailet paskatino surengti ataką tiems, kurie ją maišė su purvais. Mergina savo Instagramo paskyroje paviešino jautrią žinutę, skirtą pašaipūnams. „Norėčiau pamatyti tą, kuris šypsotųsi ir būtų laimingas po tokios neigiamų komentarų lavinos. Liūdna, jog žmonės nesugeba rūpintis savo gyvenimais ir bando reguliuoti kitų. Man niekas nesukliudys daryti tai, man patinka. Aš ir toliau kelsiu nuotraukas į socialinius tinklus ir nevengsiu dalintis savo gyvenimo akimirkomis“, - rėžė mergina, taip atsikirsdama interneto troliams.

Po tokios žinutės iš karto padidėjo Cailey nuomonei pritariančių žmonių ratas. Ar ji - ne tikra šiuolaikinė kovotoja prieš body shame procesą?

Mes didžiuojamės Cailey drąsa ir nematome nieko kritikuojamo merginos fotografijose. Ką manai tu?

lumps on lumps on lumps. The @gabifresh X @swimsuitsforall The Sovereign Suit. ✨👙✨👙✨👙✨👙✨👙✨ 👙✨👙✨👙✨👙✨. I hope seeing someone fat and happy and still standing after hundreds of hateful comments and messages can help someone in their own journey to loving themselves and shedding other people's opinions of them. 🔹🔹🔹 Trolls can go ahead and see I've posted myself in this suit three times before and your hatred for my body or my health for whatever reason will not keep me from posting, wearing the suit, eating, or living my life unapologetically so your comment does nothing but waste your time. I mean go ahead and make fun of me though, because I am sure if instagram had a cap on how many people you can block, I would have met it by now.

A photo posted by Cailey Darling•YT: Such Pretty (@darlingiknow) on May 20, 2016 at 6:01pm PDT

Once I started actively trying not to judge others based on appearances, I slowly started to see beauty in the people around me. Soon enough, I could look at a body like mine and see beauty where society told me I wouldn't find it. It took a long time to apply those concepts to my own body. It started with letting go of judgement of others. I hope you notice in my arguments that I try very hard not to bring appearances into an argument because I believe if you're making fun of someone's weight, clothes, teeth, makeup, hair, etc., then you have run out of material and you do not have anything to argue about anymore. If you're bringing someone down for appearances during an argument, then you've lost the argument. To put it plainly, I do not condone any body shaming at all, ever, even if it is to defend me. If you shame someone's appearance in response to them shaming mine, then you're not on my side. That isn't to say I don't defend myself. I do. I will continue to do so, because I learned to defend myself in real life by watching other fat women stand up for themselves in arguments online. It seems small, but I've gotten dozens of messages thanking me for actually responding because it helps them learn to defend themselves against their own bullying. I will attack their logic, opinions, poopy personality, rudeness, nastiness, self-loathing, or hatred, but never their appearance. I am here to change minds about bodies, not to shame any other types of bodies.

A photo posted by Cailey Darling•YT: Such Pretty (@darlingiknow) on May 19, 2016 at 12:17pm PDT

Get ready to see a lot of my lumpy thighs because it is hot outside and other people's aesthetic expectations of me officially do not influence how I dress anymore. VBO and tummy and cellulite and all, there is no wrong way to have a body. #fat #fatspo #fatshion #fatshionista #fatacceptance #fatpositive #fatbabe #fatgirlscan #fatvanity #psblogger #psootd #ootd #outfitinspo #alternativecurves #alternativegirls #torrid #torridfashion #bodylove #bodyacceptance #bopo #bodyposi #bodypositive #bodypositivity #vbo Shorts from @torridfashion Shirt found at Ross Dress For Less yeaaaaaars ago

A photo posted by Cailey Darling•YT: Such Pretty (@darlingiknow) on May 17, 2016 at 3:27pm PDT

EDIT: Google 'slut shaming' 'body shaming' 'can you die from being fat' and 'why do I think unhealthy people can't love their bodies?' before you leave a comment. I hope this outfit pisses you off. I hope it makes you uncomfortable. I hope it makes you examine why this outfit makes you so mad and why I woke up to hundreds of hate comments and experienced actual real life ridicule when wearing it out. I want you to see my rolls and my legs and my skin. I want to make people uncomfortable until they see it so much that they're not uncomfortable anymore. I used to hate my body. I will never again let someone wedge their body or their opinions between me and my own self acceptance. Really think of the reasons you think it is okay to tell me this outfit looks bad. Would you do it in person? No. you'd just stare and laugh in private. You're laughing because you think fat is disgusting. you're laughing because you think fat people should hate their bodies. you're laughing because you can't imagine how someone like me could ever find the confidence to step outside. You're laughing because you think I dress trashy. You're laughing because you think I am lazy and unhealthy and unworthy and delusional. I know for a fact that thinking those things about a stranger makes someone a pretty shitty person. When someone has the audacity and so much entitlement to a stranger's body and space to actually say something, all it does is expose what an asshole they are. Unfollow me if you don't want to see me in this outfit. It will cross your feed again.

A photo posted by Cailey Darling•YT: Such Pretty (@darlingiknow) on Apr 23, 2016 at 7:51am PDT

Suit is from @swimsuitsforall. I am trying really hard to love myself from every angle. As a sort of fashion blogger, i'm really used to showing my photographer (either me or my boyfriend!) the angles. I'm not used to seeing myself sitting down, from the side, or from behind, and it can be a process learning to love your body from every angle, but I'm trying. When I was editing this photo, I was much more drawn to how happy and carefree I looked than how my body looked. I spent over a decade away from the water because I was afraid of being judged as a fat girl in a swimsuit. I didn't have anyone to look to for encouragement or anyone who lived unapologetically and happy AND fat. Hopefully seeing a fat girl in a swimsuit loving her body unapologetically from any angle can help encourage someone to do the same for themselves this summer. #me #selfie #selflove #gabifreshxswimsexy #gabifresh #fat #fatspo #fatbabe #fatshion #fatpositive #fatacceptance #bodylove #bopo #bodypositive #bodyacceptance #bodypositivity #curvy #curvyfashion #plussize #plussizefashion #psootd #psblogger #outfitinspo #outfitoftheday #ootd #hairspo #greenhair #alternativecurves #effyourbeautystandards

A photo posted by Cailey Darling•YT: Such Pretty (@darlingiknow) on Apr 18, 2016 at 1:03pm PDT

Sun's out tum's out. 🌥⛅️🌤☀️Bralette and Leggings from @torridfashion. Open blazer from @lanebryant. My boyfriend bought me these shoes for my birthday last year and fun fact, he and I have the same size feet! they were marked a size smaller than I (we) wear, so he put them on to make sure they'd fit me. Hair is @manicpanicnyc Electric Lizard, Siren's Song, and Atomic Turquoise. #fat #fatspo #fatshion #fatfashion #fatshionista #fatpositive #fatacceptance #selflove #selfacceptance #bodylove #bodyposi #bopo #bodypositive #bodypositivity #celebratemysize #alternativecurves #fatgirlscan #manicpanic #plussize #plussizefashion #psootd #outfitoftheday #outfitinspo

A photo posted by Cailey Darling•YT: Such Pretty (@darlingiknow) on May 2, 2016 at 7:27am PDT

to the love, I left my conscience pressed through the keyhole as I watched you dress, kiss and tell. This is called the Noble Position Maxi Dress. Buy it at Use Promo Code 'cailey' for 5% off!! The strappy thing underneath is the @gabifresh X @swimsuitsforall The Sovereign Swimsuit. Shoes were from Deb Shops and are no longer available.

A photo posted by Cailey Darling•YT: Such Pretty (@darlingiknow) on May 11, 2016 at 12:57pm PDT

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